All Barred Up

Our Bars

All Barred Up have a selection of bars to suit a variety of different events. We can meet the requirements of the Event Organiser and the needs of the customers. We have developed a trusted and professional track record and we successfully attend many events throughout the year.

Artic Bar

The largest bar in our fleet. At 40ft long, this bar caters for festivals and large events. Originally a fruit and vegetable market lorry, we bought and converted the lorry in 2016. We got it ready for action in 2017 and it now makes regular appearances at the festivals we cover annually.

Black Bus

An original Dennis airport bus, we purchased this Dennis in 2017 and converted it to a bar almost straight away. It went out to work in late summer 2017 and has been a great addition to the fleet regularly attending festivals and large events.

Red Bus

Our first bus conversion, we got this Dennis in 2012 as a school bus. We took out all the seating and replaced them with a bar and cellar! It had its first event in summer 2012 and has been used a number of times at a number of different events since.

Medium Trailer

In early 2016 we got this trailer which we then converted into a bar. This has been popular for events such as weddings, fetes and fun days, it also works well as a VIP bar in private areas of larger events.

Large Trailer

The first ever bar that we converted to start the All Barred Up fleet. We bought the trailer in 2011 and its still a very important part of the fleet and going strong. This trailer works well for larger weddings and as a support bar for large events.

Real ale and cider bar

A trailer bar that specialises in traditional real ale and ciders. 4 real ales and 8 real ciders on tap and a mixture of bag and box ciders and bottled ales. A great addition to any festival for those looking for something a little bit different.

Gin, Pimms and Prosecco bar

A converted horse box bar that is very popular with weddings, special events and festivals. Serving over 30 different gins, including the new popular pink and violet gins, alongside different varieties of fever tree tonics. This bar also has Pimms on tap, as well as wines and prosecco. A great selection for the summer hot days.

Build up bar

Ranging from an 8ft to 150ft bar, our build up bars are perfect for any indoor event or under a marquee. We can build the bars to a size to suit your event. From small village halls catering for christenings and birthday parties to large festivals in marquees.