Prostate Cancer Support in 2019

All Barred Up are proud to be raising money for Prostate Cancer throughout 2019.

All our bars will have charity boxes to drop your spare change into and we will be selling badges for £2 each in aid of the Prostate Cancer UK

If you can’t make it to one of our bars you can still support the charity by texting PINT to 70004 to donate £5

Prostate Cancer Poster

Prostate Cancer Poster


Christmas Bookings Now Being Taken

Okay…we know…and we are sorry!

BUT… there are only 82 days until Christmas and NOW is the time to think about booking your bar for your event, party, Christmas or New Year celebrations.

We offer any number of solutions for events big and small – and can include ‘inflatable’ fun to give the event a real lift. Why not get in contact with us for a FREE no obligation quote and see how we can help your celebration go off with a bang.

Call us on 07796 871141 or email us


Plastic Fantastic

All Barred Up are doing our bit for the environment…


Act to preserve the environment through simple gestures: it is the duty of each of us, it is a citizen’s action.

From individual action to collective action:

Gradually, gesture after gesture, adding all individual efforts can have positive effects on the environment. Thus, if each of us replaces a disposable cup with a reusable one, we can eliminate the production of one-way products. If everyone uses a reusable cup, there will be no more disposable cups abandoned on the ground. Thus, the totality of individual actions leads to a global change of behaviour.

A deposit: a means to give a sense of responsibility

Each reusable cup is subject to a fee of £1. It now has a symbolic value. This value represents the manufacturing cost of a cup and also reflects the ecological footprint it generates at its production. But unlike a disposable cup, its use is almost infinite. The implementation of a deposit leads, therefore, each consumer toward individual responsibility. In fact, the reusable cup is not abandoned, it is reused.
All Barred Up wants to keep the idea of a £1 deposit. The cup is only a container, i.e. an object that serves a given use. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to return to the consumer his /her deposit in exchange for the cup. All Barred Up also think that our cups are pretty useful and also serve as a cheap souvenir of the event or festival that you have attended – so if you want to keep the cup… no problem!

As you can see from the photos below – we can see the effect that the reusable cups have had on Olliefest this year against the site at the end of the festival last year.


New Website – New Business Cards

Here are the new All Barred Up business cards… with a matching website! We hope you all like the new look website, we are going to be making a few changes over the coming months (mainly photographic) to show the bars in all their glory – be sure to check back in on us, if we are running a competition, offer or promotion you will see it here first.

This is just the start of some big changes coming to All Barred Up in 2019, but one thing that won’t be changing is the friendly service we offer for our managed bar services at events, festivals and for private hire.

All Barred Up - Business Card Front

All Barred Up – Business Card Front


All Barred Up - Business Card Rear

All Barred Up – Business Card Rear